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How does Wall Street drive the climate crisis?

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How does wall street drive the climate crisis?


Banks offer credit, underwriting and cash to oil, gas and coal operations. Banks assist in mergers and acquisitions of fossil fuel corporations, and even lobby against climate regulation.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies provide the insurance necessary for the permitting and approval of fossil fuel projects. Insurance companies profit by investing the premiums they collect into fossil fuel companies, all while withdrawing coverage from climate-affected communities.

Asset Managers

Asset managers pool and invest massive amounts of money in fossil fuel companies and are often the top shareholders at these corporations. They deploy lobbyists and their revolving door connections to block climate regulation.

Private Equity Firms

Private equity firms buy oil, gas and coal assets from energy corporations, often bringing formerly publicly-traded corporations into the private market, where there is less scrutiny and regulation.




How can we fight against these financial actors?

Read through the inspiring stories of communities around the world fighting back against the financial actors behind the climate crisis.

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